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Benefits of these 4 Essential Oils

Benefits of these 4 Essential Oils

Essential oils are made from parts of plants that are extracted into oils. Here are some essential oils that are beneficial for your natural hair routine.

Peppermint Oil stimulates your hair follicle and promotes hair growth. It provides a refreshing sensation to your scalp as well as increase circulation.

Nettle Oil helps combat hair loss. It is rich is silica and Sulphur which help prevent hair thinning and length retention.

Clary Sage Oil can help rid of build-up and help control the production of natural on the scalp. Not to mention is helps improve the strength of hair

Lavender Oil boost the fight against hair loss and helps the hair follicles to become stronger and healthy looking strands. It helps you to relax from a long day.

Next time you are in the  store or online try to incorporate these essential oils in you routine.

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