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A message from our founder

I created TamaKurl for every woman that has ever struggled with their hair, has ever had scalp issues or lacked the confidence they held deep inside. I created this brand for YOU. As your CEO, Treasura Sowell, I found my “Goddess Energy” after grieving my grandfather’s passing. Everything paused in my life and I needed to be rebirthed, so you know what I did, I chopped off my hair. If you’ve ever big chopped your hair you know the struggle is real, Babe. You probably went to YouTube like I did. I finally learned how to care for my hair and incorporate protective styling but all of my friends wanted to know what I was doing with my hair.

I would use the products I created on my niece’s hair and started seeing major results. I also braided hair and my clients would ask what I was using on their hair. I knew I had to share with my fellow naturalistas what I created.

At Tamakurl, we pride ourselves on making products infused with plant-powered goodness that will do amazing wonders for your hair. Our products are uniquely formulated, unlike anything on the market today. Tamakurl was created out of selfless love and the firm will to help others with their hair concerns. Our products are handmade and sourced with the most premium and essential ingredients for your scalp and hair. We will always continue to provide and produce the best quality products for our Kurl Babes.



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